What is Scalapay?

Scalapay is an innovative payment method that allows you to purchase your products and pay them in 3 convenient monthly instalments with no additional costs.


To use the service, at checkout choose the Scalapay option as a payment method. You will already see the monthly amount you are going to pay. Once you have chosen this option, you will be asked to log into Scalapay with your account details. If you don't have one, you can create it from the Scalapay login page. Enter your credit, debit or prepaid card details and once confirmed you can complete the order.


At the time of purchase you will be immediately charged the first instalment. The next 2 instalments will be charged in the following two months.


Important: You can pay with Scalapay orders from a minimum of € 50 to a maximum of € 1.000 (including any shipping costs). In the event that the order does not fall within the range of the minimum and maximum amount allowed, the Scalapay payment option will not be available.



What is the deadline for the 3 instalments?

At the time of purchase you will be immediately charged the first instalment. The next 2 instalments will be charged on a monthly basis.


First instalment: at the time of purchase


Second instalment: 1 month after the purchase date


Third and last instalment: 2 months after the purchase date



How are the instalments paid?

When you create a Scalapay account you will need to add a debit, credit or prepaid card to which the 3 instalments will be automatically charged on the respective expiration date as explained above.



What happens when you miss a payment?

You will be charged a late payment fee only if one or more of the scheduled instalments are not paid correctly by the due date.


If you have not made the payment before the due date and the automatic payment fails, you will have 48 hours to complete the payment. If this does not happen, Scalapay will apply late payment fees as explained below:


Payment made by the due date = No additional costs!


Payment made more than 40 hours after the due date = up to 6 euros of additional costs


Payment made more than 9 days after the due date = additional 6 euros (in addition to the first commission, up to a maximum of 12 euros for each payment)


The total cost of the commissions cannot exceed 15% of the loan value (second and third instalments).



Can I make a return?

Once the return has been received and approved, Scalapay will reimburse (partially or totally) the money relating to the instalments already paid directly to the card used for payment while the instalments not yet paid will be cancelled.


In the event of a partial return, the amount of the return will be first deducted from the unpaid instalments which will be reduced or cancelled and if necessary, you will be reimbursed part or all of the instalments already paid.


You will have to wait a few business days for the money to be available on your account.



What cards do you accept?

You can use Scalapay with all major credit and debit cards issued in Italy, France and Germany as long as they belong to the Visa, Mastercard and American Express circuits.


The main prepaid cards are also accepted, including Postepay and Postepay Evolution.


On the other hand, it is not possible to use cards from the Bancomat or Maestro circuit.


IMPORTANT: Not all cards guarantee the same purchasing power with Scalapay, regardless of the availability of the card at the time of purchase.


New customers using prepaid or debit cards may have reduced purchasing power.



Can I pay by bank transfer?

If your card has been blocked and you do not have any other cards, you can pay your instalments by SEPA debit. Anyway this option must first be enabled in your Scalapay account. Contact Scalapay customer service to enable the option.


Important: It is not possible to pay the first instalment by bank account. You must have a valid card to complete a new order.


Once this feature has been enabled on your Scalapay account you can proceed with the payment of the instalments.



For more information visit the Scalapay website.