At Luisa Spagnoli, you will find elegant, understated and beautifully made women's cardigan designs that all fashion lovers will adore. Always produced using the highest quality fabrics, our cardigans come in a variety of styles. There are Luisa Spagnoli cardigans with classic v-neck collars along with knitted designs that will feel comfortable and look gorgeous. Using the finest woollen and cotton fabrics, they are breathable, long-lasting and dazzlingly attractive in equal measure. Add to your smart clothing collection with an ensemble featuring a Luisa Spagnoli cardigan. These cardigans will harmonize beautifully with the dresses, skirts and caftans available from our website. They will also look stunning alongside the bags and clutches available from Luisa Spagnoli, so if you need a full formal outfit for a big occasion, we will provide everything that you need. Our women's cardigans are a wonderful way to offset t-shirts and skirts, with their elegance and tasteful selection of colours.

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